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Passive Components

We are dealing in all type of electronic passive components such as Capacitors, Resistors, Resistor Network, Switches, Fuses, Battery, Battery Holder Etc.
Metal Oxide Varistor

Metal Oxide Varistor

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece

Usage/Applicationall electronics
Mounting Typeall types

A Varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage.The most common type of varistor is the Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV). This type contains a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grains, in a matrix of other metal oxides (such as small amounts of bismuth, cobalt, manganese) sandwiched between two metal plates (the electrodes).
We deal in all types of MOVs i.e. Metal Oxide Varistor like various sizes starting from 5mm to 20mm in brands such as , CNR, EPCOS, UPPER MOST , HEL etc..

HEL-7D180K HEL-10D180K HEL-14D180K HEL-20D180K HEL-5D5 HEL-2.5D20 22PF / 1KV 1K/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D220K HEL-10D220K HEL-14D220K HEL-20D220K HEL-10D5 HEL-5D20 47PF / 1KV 2K2/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D270K HEL-10D270K HEL-14D270K HEL-20D270K HEL-15D5 HEL-8D20 100PF / 1KV 3K3/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D330K HEL-10D330K HEL-14D330K HEL-20D330K HEL-20D5 HEL-10D20 150PF / 1KV 4K7/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D390K HEL-10D390K HEL-14D390K HEL-20D390K HEL-33D5 HEL-15D20 220PF / 1KV 10K/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D470K HEL-10D470K HEL-14D470K HEL-20D470K HEL-47D5 330PF / 1KV 100PF/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D560K HEL-10D560K HEL-14D560K HEL-20D560K HEL-100D5 470PF / 1KV 220PF/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D680K HEL-10D680K HEL-14D680K HEL-20D680K HEL-200D5 560PF / 1KV 330PF/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D820K HEL-10D820K HEL-14D820K HEL-20D820K HEL-5D7 680PF / 1KV 470PF/250V X1Y2
HEL-7D101K HEL-10D101K HEL-14D101K HEL-20D101K HEL-8D7 5E 10E 15E 1K / 1KV
HEL-7D121K HEL-10D121K HEL-14D121K HEL-20D121K HEL-10D7 20E 22E 27E 1K5 / 1KV 1K/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D151K HEL-10D151K HEL-14D151K HEL-20D151K HEL-15D7 33E 47E 50E 2K2 / 1KV 2K2/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D181K HEL-10D181K HEL-14D181K HEL-20D181K HEL-16D7 56E 68E 75E 3K3 / 1KV 3K3/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D201K HEL-10D201K HEL-14D201K HEL-20D201K HEL-20D7 82E 100E 120E 4K7 / 1KV 4K7/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D221K HEL-10D221K HEL-14D221K HEL-20D221K HEL-22D7 150E 180E 10K / 1KV 10K/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D241K HEL-10D241K HEL-14D241K HEL-20D241K HEL-33D7 200E 220E 22K / 1KV 100PF/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D271K HEL-10D271K HEL-14D271K HEL-20D271K HEL-5D9 270E 300E 47K / 1KV 220PF/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D301K HEL-10D301K HEL-14D301K HEL-20D301K HEL-8D9 330E 470E 22PF / 2KV 330PF/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D331K HEL-10D331K HEL-14D331K HEL-20D331K HEL-10D9 560E 680E 47PF / 2KV 470PF/400V X1Y1
HEL-7D361K HEL-10D361K HEL-14D361K HEL-20D361K HEL-15D9 1K 1K2 1K5 100PF / 2KV
HEL-7D391K HEL-10D391K HEL-14D391K HEL-20D391K HEL-16D9 1K8 2K 2K2 150PF / 2KV
HEL-7D431K HEL-10D431K HEL-14D431K HEL-20D431K HEL-20D9 2K7 3K3 3K6 220PF / 2KV
HEL-7D471K HEL-10D471K HEL-14D471K HEL-20D471K HEL-22D9 3K9 4K7 5K6 330PF / 2KV
HEL-7D511K HEL-10D511K HEL-14D511K HEL-20D511K HEL-33D9 6K8 7K5 8K2 470PF / 2KV
HEL-7D561K HEL-10D561K HEL-14D561K HEL-20D561K HEL-100D9 10K 12K 15K 560PF / 2KV
HEL-7D621K HEL-10D621K HEL-14D621K HEL-20D621K HEL-2.5D11 18K 20K 22K 680PF / 2KV
HEL-7D681K HEL-10D681K HEL-14D681K HEL-20D681K HEL-5D11 27K 30K 33K 1K / 2KV
HEL-7D751K HEL-10D751K HEL-14D751K HEL-20D751K HEL-10D11 47K 56K 68K 1K5 / 2KV
HEL-7D781K HEL-10D781K HEL-14D781K HEL-20D781K HEL-15D11 100K 120K 2K2 / 2KV
HEL-7D821K HEL-10D821K HEL-14D821K HEL-20D821K HEL-16D11 150K 180K 3K3 / 2KV
HEL-10D911K HEL-14D911K HEL-20D911K HEL-20D11 210K 220K 4K7 / 2KV
HEL-10D951K HEL-14D951K HEL-20D951K HEL-22D11 270K 300K 10K / 2KV
HEL-10D102K HEL-14D102K HEL-20D102K HEL-47D11 330K 470K 1K / 3KV
HEL-10D112K HEL-14D112K HEL-20D112K HEL-2.5D13 2K2 / 3 KV
HEL-10D152K HEL-14D152K HEL-20D152K HEL-5D13 4K7 / 3 KV
HEL-10D182K HEL-14D182K HEL-20D182K HEL-10D13 10K / 3 KV

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: ALL TYPES OF MOV AVAIILABLE

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SIM Card Holder

SIM Card Holder

Rs 15  / NumberGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Number

Holder TypeALL TYPES
Compatible BrandIMPORTED

Optimum quality SIM Card Holder is offered by our organization for our reputed customer to address their industry needs with high efficiency. Made from high grade basic materials, these products are sent for further inspection and scrutiny to quality controllers. This products is widely admired by the clients for their unmatched quality and optimum performance. Apart from this, we are offering these products at industry leading price within the promised period of time.


Easy installation

Functional and sturdy

Lesser maintenance

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: EX STOCK
  • Delivery Time: EX STOCK
  • Packaging Details: ALL TYPES AVAILABLE

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Inductor Coil

Inductor Coil

Rs 1  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece

Usage/ApplicationChokes/Filters/EMI Suppression/SMPS
Pin Count3 Pin
Voltage150 V
2PIN 3PIN 75V 90V 150V 230V 250V 350V 600V 800V 1000V 5000V1UH ~ 58MH1UH ~ 150MH1UH ~ 100MH1UH ~ 100MHAXIALE FERRITE BEADS1UH, 2.2UH, 3.3UH, 4.7UH, 5.6UH, 6.8UH, 8.2UH, 10UH, 12UH, 15UH, 18UH, 22UH, 27UH, 33UH, 39UH, 47UH, 56UH, 68UH, 82UH, 100UH, 120UH, 150UH, 180UH, 220UH, 270UH, 330UH, 390UH, 470UH, 560UH, 680UH, 820UH, 1MH, 2.2MH, 3.3MH, 4.7MH, 5.6MH, 6.8MH, 10MH, 12MH, 15MH, 22MH, 33MH, 47MH, 58MH, 100MH, 150MH,

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Gas Discharge Tube

Gas Discharge Tube

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece

Usage/ApplicationCommunication equipment CATV equipment Test equipment Data lines Power supplies Telecom SLIC
  • Communication equipment
  • CATV equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Data lines
  • Power supplies
  • Telecom SLIC protection
  • Industrial and consumer electronics, such as - Surge protectors - Alarm system
  • Telecommunications
  • MDF modules, xDSL equipment, RF system protection, antenna, base station

2PIN 3PIN 75V 90V 150V 230V 250V 350V 600V 800V 1000V 5000V

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: 100 PCS

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